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  Frequently Asked Questions    

Business Questions

Who owns the accounts?

Your customers, and their accounts, are owned by you. We do not make any claim to the ownership or control over an account. You are free to move accounts between our service and someone else's service. The contract outlines that no contact will be made between us and your direct customers.

Do I need any equipment?

No equipment is needed to join our Virtual ISP program, our packages can give you all the needed services without the need for equipment on your side if you so desire.

Website Questions

Who builds my website?

Unless you have specifically contracted for Dialup USA to build your website, you are responsible for the registration, design and setup of your own website. We do have options where we can build the website for you for an additional fee, please ask the sales rep.

Do you have any scripts for my website?

We do provide free scripts written in perl for instant account activation, number lookup, account management, for your website. These scripts are available to all customers, free of charge. Some scripts may not work if if you start taking over services in house. For example, you can't use our instant account activation script if you maintain your own radius server.

Do you offer a website portal?

We do offer a website portal solution that can be purchased and included with your ISP. This is currently only available for websites that are hosted on our servers. Please contact our sales team if you are interested in website portal development.

Account Management Questions

What do you provide for account management?

We provide a back office which you would use to setup, modify and remove dialups, emails, ftps, etc. You can also optionally use this area to store your customer information. There are many account functions that are available such as disabling, suspending, setting future cancel dates, adding web acceleration, setting email forwarding, adding billing information, etc for your accounts.

Do you have an API?

Yes, you can find our API by clicking here. This can be used for you to integrate your system with ours. If you can think of any features that you may need outside of what is currently available, let us know, we are always open to working with you. Sorry, we do not currently have any sample client side scripts available.

Billing Questions

How do most ISP's collect payments?

There are several methods of payments for collecting from your customers, the most popular is credit card billing. 90% of all our wholesale customers (not end-users) have this option. The 2nd most popular option is electronic check processing (ACH), followed by check in the mail, then telephone billing, cash and paypal.

Do you offer a billing option?

Dialup USA offers an enduser billing option where we can bill your customers credit cards for you. We have several restrictions around this offering such as minimum and maximum charges, month to month billing only, only billing for dialup users on our system, prorated, and policies regarding chargebacks and credits. For the most flexibility we recommend you obtain your own merchant account however the enduser billing option is always a great way to start out if you are looking to save upfront costs.

Who do you recommend for a merchant account?

If you are a Costco member you can get great rates. Visit for more information. Besides that, we recommend contracting through your bank's merchant services division. Be very careful who you contract through for a merchant account, because if you grow too fast, the wrong merchant vendor can create havoc for your company. They can hold funds, require deposits, etc. We have seen a few customers' businesses go under due to their merchant providers actions. Using your own bank is always a very safe way to go; however, not all banks offer merchant services divisions.

Is billing to Dialup USA pre-payment or post-payment?

All services are prepaid to DialupUSA. Payment must be in before the calendar month begins or you risk us suspending your account until payment is received.

Email & Personal FTP Questions

Do my customers get email at

Yes, when you purchase email through us the usernames will be ... custom branded of course. Email is offered as POP email accounts and a web-based email program is also available so your customers can also check their email online in addition to using their software program. We support both POP3 and IMAP as well as POP3 SSL.

How many MB are included in the Email?

We do not limit the amount of MB a individual email box can hold. We do have a 50 MB soft limit and may warn users who use more than 50 MB's. Email in the INBOX also automatically deletes off the system after 60 days. It is recommended any email that the customer wants to store be downloaded to the customers computer, or saved in another folder besides the INBOX.

How many emails do they get with service?

You can offer as many emails to your customers as you like. If you are signed up through our turnkey package then typically it is up to 5 emails per user.

Who provides the SMTP service?

If your customers are using our dialup accounts, then they must use our smtp server ( or an smtp server that we have allowed you to use. If you need to add a smtp server of your own to be allowed, follow this link in the backroom ...

Do you offer personal FTP space as well?

Also available is 100 MBs of personal webspace for each dialup user. This webspace supports HTML only and is not designed for business related websites. This is a popular add-on for ISP's although very few users actually use it. The location of the personal webspace would be .

Web Hosting Questions

Do you guys offer wholesale webhosting?

Yes of course. This allows you to resell webhosting much like you can resell dialup access. We house all the servers and run the system and you find the webhosting clients ... pricing and info can be found available off our website here:

Network Questions

What network providers do you offer?

We use the following network dialup providers: UUnet, Qwest, Level 3, ICG, Sprint, Aleron, Megapop, o1, ELI, Worldnet, Grande, CP Wholesale, CoreTel, Bitwise, Pacwest and FullNet . If you have existing deals with any of these vendors, we can attempt to transfer your realms or port your numbers to our network at your request. This may mean that you can do a switch to Dialup USA without any changes needed by your end-users.

What does the Dialup USA network look like?

Please click here for information on our network and redundancy.