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Dialup USA / IKANO / DSLextreme announces that it's been acquired by Broadvoice.
Announced February 11, 2015

Read the press release by clicking here.

Dialup USA has launched the Frontier DSL network across the US offering both lineshare and dry loop DSL in the Frontier markets.

Announced Mar 8, 2012

Dialup USA has launched Bell Canada Fiber (FTTN) options for sale in Ontario and Quebec Canada. Speeds up to 50MB are available to residential and business locations. Check to see the latest Canadian DSL/Fiber pricing.

Announced Feb 13, 2012

Dialup USA has launched Bell Canada DSL for sale in Ontario and Quebec Canada. Lineshare and Dry Loop DSL, Speeds up to 6MB are available to residential and business locations. Check to see the latest Canadian DSL/Fiber pricing.

Announced Nov 17, 2010

Dialup USA has launched the wholesale T1 offering allowing our DSL partners to also sell T1 services in Covad markets across the US. Click here to read more about the T1 services.

Announced Oct 14, 2009

Dialup USA has launched our Wholesale Naked (dry-loop) DSL service in Verizon territories. This allows our partners to sell DSL services to customers who do not have local telephone service setup at there residence/business in the Verizon markets. To find a current list of our Verizon markets plese visit our DSL FAQ page here: Read the DSL FAQ.

Announced Jan 1, 2008

We recently signed two DSL commercial agreements with AT&T and Covad Communications. The AT&T agreement enables DialupUSA/IKANO to provide broadband access in 13 states. We were also named partner of choice to aggregate their AT&T Wholesale Dial Roaming Service. With Covad, IKANO has expanded their partnership to offer ADSL 2+ and T1 services up to 15.0 Mbps. Both these vendor agreements with AT&T and Covad will help IKANO continue to enhance the broadband offerings to our wholesale and retail channels. You can read more about us on our new website at IKANO is still on the acquisition front as well and we are currently looking to expand our IP service platform.

AT&T Press Release - Read the AT&T Press Release.
Covad Press Release - Read the Covad Press Release.
Announced July 9, 2007

Dialup USA is proud to announce the release of the Wholesale DSL program.
Announced Jan 01, 2007

Read the initial DSL product info and FAQ by clicking here.

Dialup USA announces that it's been acquired by Ikano Communications, Inc..
Announced August 18, 2005

Read the press release by clicking here.

Dialup USA expands network coverage.
Announced November 5, 2004

We have completed our rollout of service into many new markets nationwide. During the last 6 months we have launched the Sprint, Bitwise, PacWest, and CP Wholesale networks. As always, Dialup USA is focusing on improving service, making our service available in many new locations, and expanding the footprint of all of the retail ISP's that use our service so that they can service more end-users and grow their businesses.

Dialup USA redesigns website.
Announced May 11, 2004

Dialup USA has launched its new look. This change was long over due as the website contained some inaccurate data, and the look had been the same for the last 2 years. We are happy to launch our new corporate website. If you have any comments, feel free to send them our way.

Dialup USA launches small download piece
Announced: September 13, 2003.

We are happy to announce that we are now able to provide all our direct ISP customers with 1 free copy of our new small download software piece (~750 kb). We have been testing ISP the product for the last 2 months and we are very happy with its ease of use, features and support.

Here are some of its features:

  1. Under 1 MB in size (great for online signups).
  2. This software is easy to install and uninstall.
  3. Auto Updates phone numbers (push technology)
  4. This software can fit on a floppy disk.
  5. Compatible with web accel, as well as pop up blockers.
  6. Compatible with all versions of windows (except win 3.1)
  7. Compatible with all versions of IE, Netscape and Mozilla.
  8. Software is compatible with our instant account activation scripts.
  9. Supports multiple mail domains
  10. Will work for new user signups and existing
  11. Can be put on a CD for new user signups
  12. Disables the AOL Auto start
  13. Fully customizable with logo and branding

Dialup USA announces High speed product
Announced: July 21, 2003

Dialup USA launches web acceleration through slipstream. We are pleased to announce the launch of our web acceleration product. This product accelerates HTML, TEXT, Flash, and images up to five (5) times by compressing the information via a proxy before it is delivered to the end user's computer. It does this using a client side software package that is less than 1 MB to download. This product is made by the same company that currently provides NetZero's (TM) web acceleration product.

In additional to compressing graphics and text/html, the server side of the product caches websites that a user visits. This means that the 2nd / 3rd visits to the same website, will load faster and faster each time.

This product can now be branded to your ISP to give your own ISP the ability to offer a product that can be more competitive with Broadband and offer your End Users the feeling that they are getting Broadband speeds on their dialup connection.

Now this product is available for all our ISP's to sell to their end-users and to make additional revenue from.

Dialup USA launches email, webhosting and domain registration programs to their growing list of ISP customers. Announced: Jan 1999

Dialup USA is launched offering wholesale dialup services to small and large dialup ISP providers across the US. Announced: May 1998