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  Porting Your Numbers to    

Many people have asked us the question... Can I port my dialup access numbers I currently own to

The answer is "YES!

Porting a telephone number is a transfer of ownership of a telephone number. In our business it allows ISP's who have there own high-cost Dialup access modem banks, circuits, and equipment to get off their high cost dialup lines and transfer their telephone numbers to our low cost dialup equipment in the same geographic area (STATE, CITY, RATE CENTER). First let me say that this is a 100% seamless transition and your users will not be interrupted at all during the conversion. We can take over the ownership of your current phone number(s) that your users dial into and point them at our low cost dialup equipment in the same geographic area (STATE, CITY, and RATE-CENTER).

I know this all sounds a little difficult but it is soooo easy. Here is how the process works... please inquire if you have questions to 1-888-460-2286 x 201 or

1. You would need to fill out a LOA form and send it over to us with details on your current phone numbers you wish to port to us. We need to know what the peak usage is (peak ports used) on each telephone number. We can send you an example LOA upon request, please call us.

2. We give the LOA to our vendor (Level3, Qwest, etc) and request a transfer of your current dialup phone number(s).

3. The phone number is then transferred from your current LEC to our vendor at a precise moment ... and the customers will automatically have service, just thru our modem banks. There is no need to change usernames/passwords or phone numbers. It's that easy!

TIME - Typical porting time is 30 days +/- although it can take longer depending on the vendors we are dealing with. We will not port your phone number until we are 100% sure there is enough capacity to handle your users and we will give you the date and time so we can all watch the transfer occur.

RADIUS - Radius (username/password verification) can still be handled by your company or we can handle it for you. We will simply hook our radius servers up with yours (which takes all of 10 minutes). If you wish for us to handle radius for you, then we can do so at no charge.

Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions.